Just a quick note to acknowledge the contributions of a few people who have provided some of the material contained on this site. Some of the information and resources submitted has helped fill some of the numerous gaps that have naturally grown over the passing years. Their input has been invaluable and hopefully will spur others to come forward to assist in filling the remaining gaps.

  • Tom Watson for providing many missing worksheets and audio tapes
  • Marie Mellon for the missing gigs and support acts for 1979 plus the bus trip drawing
  • Grant Olsen for the Mi-Sex Capitol Theatre gig date & poster
  • Phil Edwards for the Harry & Ralph photos and for finding my video of the Harry & Ralph shows
  • Bill Gibson for returning the original video of the Stardust Hotel gig
  • The Clones web site for some missing gigs
  • Wesley McGrath for his memories, tapes, etc