White Horse Hotel Hurstville (17 March 1979)
Parramatta Leagues Club (Late 1980)
2468 Motorway Sorry I Need To Know
California Sun Stranded Come On Everybody
Friday On My Mind Turn Up Your Radio  
Help Me Rhonda Wedding Ring Marconi Club (18 May 1979)
Louie Louie Wild Thing Green Valley
Mystery Dance With a Girl Like You  
New Rose You Really Got Me Stardust Hotel (10 February 1984)
    Shaking All Over
Regent Hotel Kingsford (1979)
No Matter What
Carol Spicks and Specks Shake Some Action
Tin Soldier   Spicks and Specks
Enfield Boulevard Hotel (18 Aug 1982)
Bondi Astra Hotel (8 January 1982)
Kids are Alright
    Time Wont Let Me
Look Through Any Window
Cold Outside
Till The End of The Day
Keep On Running
Shake Some Action
I'll Keep On Holding On