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Album showreel can be seen here Lonelyhearts Showreel No1 and here Lonelyhearts Showreel No2

Buttercup Records have done an amazing job with the release of the LP. This is a package well worth owning. Not only is it crammed with all sorts of goodies (posters, set lists, playable postcard, liner notes, lollipop, etc) but it comes with an original 1982 7" single (Last Kiss/Don't Feel Safe) and access to digital downloads of the songs (in case you don't have a record player).

The single (Surrender/Down Around the Corner) quickly sold out and the LP will do the same so go direct to Buttercup Records and purchase a copy now before it is too late!

The LP is now in its 2nd pressing with only a few copies left.

More gig guides and gig listings for 1983
More photos, set lists, etc courtesy of Vicki Smith
Updates to the gig listing, Lifesaver & gig guides pages
More gig dates added (thanks Marie Mellon & Steve Lucas)
Some rare Bondi Astra audio donated by Wessley McGrath
More video footage added
Finally have the original video of the Stardust Gig. Check out Shakin' All Over & Blitzkrieg Bop & some of the others that have been replaced.

Audience shots in "Let's Spend the Night Together" video - see if you can spot yourself - let me know!

The Lonely Hearts were one of Sydney's popular power pop bands of the eighties. Originating in Sydney's outer west in 1979, the band's popularity was legendary with their suburban army of fans sometimes hiring entire school buses just to get to gigs including Melbourne!

Originally a covers band playing ballsy renditions of songs like 'Sorry', 'I Need to Know', 'Turn Up Your Radio', 'Shake Some Action', 'New Rose' and of course their trademark 'Spicks & Specks' they soon developed a large repertoire of great catchy originals further increasing their credibility and popularity.

In late 1979 drummer Steve Brabeck resigned and Phil Edwards took his place. After breaking up in August 1981 three of the founding members, the Rooney brothers John & Michael and Tom Watson, reformed with drummer Greg Ohlback (or as we called him Jimmy Olsen) (ex Reporters) & Guilio Mariani (ex QVs) in November 1981. By February 1982 Greg & Guilio had left and Phil Edwards returned to play drums. The double A side single Don't Feel Safe/Last Kiss ("one of the greatest 45s ever released in Australia") rapidly sold most of the 2,000 copies which were pressed. In September 1982 Down Around the Corner was released on the 2UW Homegrown album. David Guest joins the band in 1983 and in June the band release Ambition backed with Tonight. Later in June 1983 Down Around the Corner was then released on a Waterfront Records promotional EP and given away at a gig at the Trade Union Club on the 25th of June 1983.

In 1989 the band reformed with Dale Steedman replacing an unavailable Michael Rooney on bass and Anthony Bautovich rejoining on 2nd guitar. In 1990 they released The Spell backed with Last Chance on Regular Records and in 1992 the Lonely Hearts finally called it quits. They leave behind numerous demo tapes and other unreleased recordings which have been largely lost or forgotten, until now........

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