Bus Trip to Manly Vale Hotel

The Lonely Hearts gained attention and notoriety for their bus trips. When we organised buses to take fans to our gigs it was a special event. The event usually involved at least one and sometimes three full size coaches totalling somewhere between 50 and 200 fans. Not only did the fans have a great time the venues loved it. There were bus trips to the Royal Antler at Narrabeen, Gladesville Hotel, Manly Vale Hotel, Thredbo and even Melbourne.

A picture drawn in high school by Marie Mellon who travelled on the bus trip to Manly Vale Hotel 15/03/80.
Marie also has our thanks for providing details of many unknown gigs.

" It's not much of a picture, typical high school stuff. Do you remember Gillian? Well she had it and she sent it to me about 10 years ago. We had a laugh. As you can see it 's pretty scrappy as I had to find it, but at least the date is on it and what bus trip it was referred to". Marie